Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Great Weather

Another great day here in Mackay we did not have a winter this year beautiful weather. A wonderful day was had by all at Jays last Wednesday .we sewed talked and ate and did not get home till well after three o’clock so tired. Here is a photo of jay and her prize winning bag she got 1st at the Mackay show.
Shirley Giddy a friend and member of the doll club is now making and her own patterns
So far she has four patterns out and a fifth on the way. Her patterns are being sold on Doll maker’s journey
A big Congratulations to Shirley Giddy a job well done.
A few photos of a great day playing dolls at Jays, and three of Shirley’s patterns
I will take a photo of the other pattern and post it tomorrow on one flower Wednesday.
Dolly Hugs to all.


Karen Mallory said...

What wonderful dolls! It must be great to go to doll club. Looks like lots of fun!
hugs Karen

Khris said...

Congrats to Shirley....please give Shirley my love Rita...we go back a way with an online group we were in together...hugs Khris

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Rita, yes we did have a great time at Jey's place. looking forward to the next one. like the pics, good of me for once.
I am looking at Shirls poly head. dont forget we are doing another one next time.
as a refresher.
Jey is so talented isn't she!
Hi Karen, I remember you from DDU.