Friday, June 18, 2010

Had a good meeting at doll club on Wednesday we all decided to have a go at making bags, Jey (the bag lady)and Elizabeth both bought along bags that they had made they all looked great we all went home with new ideas.
It was also Jey’s birthday so we had cake (did not need an excuse to have cake)
A few photo’s of our day


Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Rita you did us proud. Lovely photo of Jey not so marv of myself but whoever likes photos of themselves. I'll have to link this to my blog when I get to it.
Love the first pic of all the cake.
Love Elizabeth K.

Susan said...

What fun pictures. I'm an online friend of Elizabeth K. She is much too modest. Great picture of both gals and the fiber art is marvelous. I'm concentrating on pastel painting right now, but you all are inspiring me to get out my fabrics and machine. Take care and come visit me sometime. Susan

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi rita, Hi Susan,
how nice of you to visit my friend Rita. she is a very talented gal, especialy with her quilts. She has also made wonderful dolls and her speciality is her dragons. When we have our monthly meeting I am gobsmacked with all the beautiful work she
and the other ladies that come get thru in a month.
We try to work on that day , but everyone brings in so many things we all have to look at plus great craft books we cant enough of, we all have a lovely day.
Your pastel work is very professional.
Nice to see you here.